Saving Money on Van Fleet Insurance

If you run a business that relies on the use of vans then you’ll know that insurance costs can soon add up. Not only do you have to think about insuring your premises but you also need to insure the vans themselves.

Most companies that have multiple vans will insure them as a fleet since this is nearly always cheaper and more convenient that insuring them separately. Although insuring vans as a fleet is cheaper, there still might be steps you could take in order to reduce the cost of your insurance.

With this in mind, below are some of the best ways you can save money on van fleet insurance.

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  • Hire the right drivers – Hiring reliable drivers is one of the best ways you can keep the costs of van fleet insurance to a minimum. When insurance providers are calculating the cost of your policy they will take many factors into account. These include how secure your vans are, where they’re parked when not in use as well as the named drivers. By hiring experienced drivers who are over the age of 25, you can help to cut the cost of your insurance considerably.
  • Pay upfront – Paying for your van fleet insurance upfront might not sound too appealing since you’re certainly going to pay a larger amount upfront compared to paying monthly. However the big advantage of paying annually is that it puts you in an excellent negotiating position to get a lower rate for the policy. Insurance providers always prefer when you pay more initially so you should push to get the biggest discount you can.
  • Secure your vehicles – Another great way to save on van fleet insurance is to make your vans secure. This means having alarms/immobolisers/trackers installed to help reduce the chances of theft and vandalism. Being able to demonstrate to insurance providers that your vans are secure will certainly help to reduce the cost of your insurance.
  • Secure your premises – In addition to making the vans themselves secure, you should also take precautions to secure your premises with security lights/alarms/CCTV etc.
  • Shop around – Getting quotes is easier than ever now thanks to insurance comparison sites such as Cheap Fleet. By getting quotes from different providers you can ensure that you don’t overpay and find the policy that’s right for your business and at the best price.