Getting Van Insurance When You Have a Drink Driving Conviction

If you have recently been convicted of drink driving and you rely on the use of your van to make a living then you’re likely very concerned about the impact your conviction is going to have on your ability to get insurance at a reasonable price.

It’s certainly the case that a drink driving conviction will mean you’re considered higher risk by a lot of insurance providers and therefore you can expect to pay more. However the fact that you have a conviction doesn’t mean that finding van insurance will be impossible.

Do you have to declare your conviction to insurance providers?

Whether you are obligated to declare your conviction to insurance providers will depend on the severity of the punishment you received for your conviction. The punishment around drink driving tends to vary a lot depending on factors such as how much you’d had to drink, whether anyone else was hurt etc.

For less severe punishments, such as a fine or community service, then your conviction will be spent fairly quickly. When your conviction is spent, this is when you are no longer obligated to declare it yourself. This doesn’t mean that insurance providers wouldn’t be able to find out about it though

Click here for a full list of endorsement codes, including those for drink driving.

Where can I find specialist cover?

Getting quotes online is very simple. Sites like make it very easy to get van insurance quotes from specialist convicted drivers insurance providers. Getting cover from specialist providers is always recommended when you have a drink driving conviction since they are equipped to deal with your unique circumstances.

Are there any good ways to save money?

Below are some of the best ways you can save money on van insurance –

  • Make your van secure – Making your van secure will definitely help to reduce what you pay for insurance. It will also help a lot if you have a driveway or garage to park your van when not in use.
  • Limit the cover options – Getting a third party only policy is always considerably cheaper than getting fully comprehensive cover, even if it doesn’t provide any protection for your own vehicle.
  • Increase your excess – Increasing the excess you’d pay if you had to make a claim is another very reliable way to reduce the cost of your premium.